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Our Achievements


Attained Gold for the Enabling Mark 2021

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Awarded Champion of Good 2020

Certificate of Recognition at the 5th Enabling Employer Award 2019


Certificate of Commendation at the 4th Enabling Employer Award 2017

President's Challenge Youth Social Enterprise 2017



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Video Features

Media Features

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Sending Food And A Smile During The Pandemic

"Although it was a tough period for his business, owner Daniel Teh was moved by the needs of many Singaporeans affected by this disruption—from low-income families to people who lost their jobs overnight, to the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. Daniel felt that he could play a part in helping these people,  to ensure that at least they would not have to worry about their daily meals. This was right in line with his gift and calling: providing great food."


Pope Jai Thai: Good Food, Good Service, Greater Cause

"We build our own customised tools for the beneficiaries and we have to conduct our own research and development to do so. One of our inventions is our cutting board which makes cutting easier. Currently, we are looking into a new POS (point-of-sale) system to make cashiering easier, and into upgrading our watches to help beneficiaries better navigate cues."


Journey of Inclusivity: Gangster to Social Entrepreneur

"Creating an inclusive society means providing everyone with equal opportunities in employment and skills training. Such opportunities have tremendous positive impact on the lives of the people living with physical and mental disabilities, mental health issues, hearing impairment and deafness, visual impairment, youths-at-risk, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.."

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Channel News Asia

Becoming Human -  Episode 4: Real Power

"I feel that it (Seeing AI) curates jobs for us. For example, the visually impaired community, they are able to do more work."


The Straits Times

Serving food with a dose of good

"The social enterprise provides training and creates employment opportunities for beneficiaries such as those with special needs, youth-at-risk, the hard-of-hearing or those with hearing or physical disabilities.."

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The New Paper

Former gang member now employs disadvantaged at PopeJai

"Ninety per cent of Mr Teh's 30-odd staff come from a range of disadvantaged groups - from at-risk youths to individuals with disabilities or mental health issues."

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From Gang Member to Social Entrepreneur

"Commercial kitchens have one common factor: they’re small and maximise use of space. In some, there is barely space to stand. Pope Jai Thai has the complete opposite: its kitchen is spacious, the walkways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Stations are spaced out, each clearly labelled... The whole place is spotless.."

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Daniel Teh At TEDxNTU: Honouring Those with Special Needs

"He was determined to make helping people part of his lifestyle, to bring a culture of honor into the workplace, to respect the dignity of those with special needs and give them not just a job but a vocation.'I learned that jobs are just a source of income, but a vocation is a passion you are willing to live for,' he explained."

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Enabling Village

How to hire and train people with intellectual disabilities

"Tay Ann Shun works at Pope Jai Thai, a local restaurant that employs people with intellectual disabilities. What allows him to perform his duties, which range from receiving stocks of ingredients to preparing food to serving customers, is thoughtful job design, simple work innovations, and an open mind and heart on the part of his employer."

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The Myanmar Times

Pope Jai Thai is turning the tables on representation

"Pope Jai Thai is a restaurant with a special business model. It exists to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to work a waged service position. Those with special needs, physical disabilities, mental health issues, deafness or visual impairment can be confident that Pope Jai Thai is going to give them a fair shot at landing a job. The esta