We aim to lighten the burden of the community by putting RICE on the table, creating smiles that SHINE on people's faces.

How you can help


By participating in our Pay-It-Forward programme, you will help to kickstart the eco-system of RICE & SHINE.

Your help will channel resources to Pope Jai Thai to cook up meals for the affected communities.

Through this, you will also be helping taxi drivers/private hires who are affected by Covid-19 gain opportunities to gain income by food delivery.


Step 1:

Fill up the Google Form and select the number of meals you would like to give. Each meal is $5, which will cover food costs and delivery.

Step 2:

Wait for our representative to contact you on the payment method and details. Only proceed with payment after we have sent you a confirmation.

Step 3:

Proceed with payment via PayNow and bless someone with a meal!

Thank you for your continuous support!