Referral Programme

How does it work?

Send your referral code picture to your friends

Your friends must send the referral picture

upon ordering to redeem their free Mango Sticky Rice


You can also redeem a

FREE Mango Sticky Rice

*You will receive a free Mango Sticky Rice when your friends have successfully make their order.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your referred friends must send the referral picture that you sent to them upon ordering to receive the free Mango Sticky Rice.

  2. You can use the referral picture to redeem the free Mango Sticky Rice only when your friend makes their order and send the referral picture to us.

  3. You will receive a free Mango Sticky Rice for every friend you invite and who successfully make their order each time.

  4. Only one free Mango Sticky Rice can be redeemed per order.

  5. Minimum spending of $30 is required to redeem the free Mango Sticky Rice. 

  6. The reeferral programme is valid till the date stated on the voucher, otherwise stated.  

  7. While stock last. 

  8. Pope Jai Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to make changes and amendments in the terms and conditions, without prior notice.

Thank you for your continuous support!