Pope Jai Thai is a casual Thai dining restaurant, established in 2012, the anchor brand of  PJ Group. We employ and train across eight different beneficiary groups including persons with special needs, physical disabilities or mental health conditions; individuals who are hard of hearing/deaf, the visually impaired, youth-at-risk, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. We strongly believe in their potential, as such they comprise 90 per cent of our workforce, making PJ Group one of the first SMEs in Singapore to do so.


We empower individuals by providing a whole suite of relevant F&B training skills and working experience in a real work environment. To date, we have succeeded in empowering and transforming the lives of more than 160 unique individuals and their families. 


Your experience with us will be a fulfilling and exciting one. Follow us on this journey where we constantly explore new innovations and business opportunities to sustain our mission of promoting inclusivity in Singapore. 

All-in-one resources

When you franchise with us, we will provide an extensive list of manuals and instructions for your franchise to duplicate easily. We are also your supply provider thus you can cut down the process of sourcing for suppliers.


Training and Support

We will provide you with extensive guides and manuals for you to operate easily with HQ support at your expense. Franchisees will also go through a full course of training to understand the business inside out. To support the integration of new employees, onboarding training will be provided as well.

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Established systems

We have existing systems and equipment that are transferable to your new outlet as well do you do not have to spend time finding the perfect system for the business. Training and support will also be provided in this area.


Creating Shared Values

Through creating shared values, we will be able to spread more awareness on inclusivity. We believe in sustainability and thus, the franchising model is the perfect one to sustain the business while we continue to push the awareness of inclusivity.


Join us now in creating shared values!

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