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An Extensive Analysis of the Nursing Profession

An Extensive Analysis of the Nursing Profession

The nursing profession is the largest in the United States, employing almost 2.6 million RNs. If you assume nurses just work in hospitals, you're mistaken. Nurses are frequently employed not only in hospitals and clinics but also in public health organizations, communities, and ambulatory care centers.

The Field of Nursing

The scope of nursing is extensive. Some of the things included are

Childcare, eldercare, and maternity care services
Provide care for newborns; focus on injury nursing; manage patients with cancer; provide forensic nursing services.

Pick a Nursing School

To become a nurse, one must first complete an accredited nursing education program. Because of this, you would be prepared to sit for a state licensing exam. Around fifteen hundred nursing schools can be found in the United States. After completing one of these three courses, you will be well-equipped to take on a variety of roles.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

In postsecondary institutions, this is typically a four-year program.Those who complete the course will have the advantage of understanding the leadership and management roles that can be played in a health care setting. Numerous specializations in nursing strongly favor or even require a BSN degree.

Nursing Associate's Degree (ADN)

This is a two- or three-year curriculum typically found at junior colleges and community colleges. The student will get the skills necessary to provide direct patient care after completing this program.

Certificate of Completion for Hospital Accreditation Program
The duration of the program is between two and three years, and it takes place primarily in medical facilities.

Work in the Medical Field

Now that you know the fundamentals, let's examine in more detail the various nursing careers available to you. All of these openings are dependent on your level of education and professional background.

Position for a Novice Nurse

This is a position for a nurse on staff. The nurse is responsible for making decisions based on evidence. Standardized care plans and established protocols must be adhered to.

Birth Attendant

The nurse in this role has specialized training to provide care to pregnant women. Beginning before conception, it continues during pregnancy and into the birthing process. Her responsibilities extend to the postpartum period as well. Women can get both gynecological and family planning advice from the nurse.


A registered nurse can advance to the position of nurse case manager with experience and education. The nurse in this role will help organize and coordinate the services and resources of a large nursing staff, such as an entire hospital.

Nurse Educator

Nurses can also work in this field. The primary responsibility of this role would be to educate the public on health care requirements and best practices. On the other hand, a nurse practitioner is responsible for patient examinations, diagnoses, and treatments. Additionally, a nurse practitioner can provide medication and oversee patients with long-term illnesses like diabetes and hypertension.

Definition of "Anesthetist-Nurse"

While surgery is being done, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is there to help with pain management and other related tasks. Patients receive anesthesia both prior to and following surgery.

Nursing is a broad field, but you can choose to focus on a specific topic by enrolling in one of many specialized programs. Some examples of these fields of nursing expertise are radiology, rehabilitation, AIDS care, and forensics. Concern for patients undergoing diagnosis in radiological imaging settings is the focus of radiologist nurses. Furthermore, radiation oncology, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography are also included. 

Nurses who specialize in mental health or rehabilitation care for both patients and their loved ones, offering both practical and psychological assistance, Patients with mental impairments are the focus of their work. The holistic care of an AIDS patient is the responsibility of the AIDS care nurse. A forensic nurse typically works in a hospital alongside other medical professionals. In cooperation with law enforcement, they assist in investigating a variety of crimes, including sexual assault and accidental deaths. As an added bonus, they assist with the care of victims of these acts.

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